praying angel 16" (wooden look)
praying angel 6"
not available
praying angel 8.5" (flower head piec
not available
rose angel with feeder 14'
not available
saint franis 24"
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Jesus with kids
kneeling angel 13'
laying boy angel 4.5"
laying girl angel 4.5"
Mary 19"
Mary 25"
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angel with bird 15"
not available
angel with rabbit (boy)
cat angel beloved pet 6"
chubby angel
not available
dog angel beloved pet 6"
fancy angel 18"
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angel in wings no gown 4"
not available
angel in wings with gown 4.5"
not available
angel laying in roses (left) 11"
angel laying in roses (right) 11"
angel on rock 11.5"
angel planter 17"
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angel bear large 10"
angel bear small 6"
angel feeder 6"
not available
angel holding flowers 29"
angel in basket 9"
angel in wings 6.5"
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saint francs with dog 14"
sideway angel 7"
tilted head angel 32"
welcome angel 7"
not available
wings up angel 14"
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